Make remote work actionable

Acapela is a lightweight task manager that works with tools like Slack and Notion. It captures and prioritises requests for your team so they can focus on the things that matter.

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The Acapela Approach

Tools like Slack are great for collaboration.

But they're not built for driving action.

Busy channels mean important requests get buried.

Gathering feedback from colleagues (or your boss) takes days rather than hours.

Making a group decision turns into an endless comment thread with no resolution.

Missed messages leave you awkwardly chasing your colleagues and setting reminders for yourself to remind them.

Unclear actions and delayed decisions grind projects to a halt.

Teams default to exhausting Zoom meetings to 'get things done’. Remote work feels more exhausting and unproductive than it needs to.

How it works

Flag requests
in a couple of clicks
A request could be a task you need a colleague to do, feedback on a document, or a group decision made.
Your requests
get surfaced and prioritised
Your team knows what they need to do and in what order they need to do it.
Your team
defaults to action
Your colleagues action things on time so others are unblocked and decisions get made quickly.

Drive action and decision-making forward

Slack integration

Transform Slack from distraction to action

Acapela manages your requests directly in Slack so you don't have to stay on top of them in real-time. Fewer distractions, more focus on actioning the things that matter.

Request types

Turn vague group messages into clear next steps

Acapela adds accountability to group messages by creating individual action points for everyone involved. Watch never-ending comment threads turn into clear next steps.

Automated reminders

No more 'Hey, sorry to chase...'

Acapela prioritises requests for your team members and nudges them when they're due, so you don't have to. Say goodbye to awkwardly chasing your colleagues.

Harmonise your team’s favorite tools

Ugh, another tool?
Do we need Acapela if we already use a project management tool like Asana?
What's wrong with just using Slack?
How do I start using Acapela with Slack?

Make your team more action‑focused and productive.

Free beta
Runs in your browser
No credit card required